DJI Mavic 2 Pro Propeller Guards

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

When working indoors with drones, we want to ensure that we are protecting both the aircraft and our client's property to the best of our ability.

These Propeller Guards by DJI for the Mavic 2 Pro are just the ticket!

As you can see, we have still been able to keep the Polar Pro Landing Gear legs attached.

A quick side note to this... you will have to remove the Polar Pro Landing Gear front attachments completely, before fitting the DJI Propeller Guards, which can then be put back on once the Guards have been clipped into place.

The rear Polar Pro Landing Gear legs will have to be moved slightly more towards the body of the aircraft to make room for the clasps on the rear legs of the aircraft, but overall, still a great fit.

The only downside with the Propeller Guards is that they have to be removed after every flight, as the Mavic 2 Pro cannot be folded with the Propeller Guards attached.

We tested them out indoors and there was absolutely no interference with flight controls or general stability of the aircraft.

DJI have done a great job in filling the user with confidence when flying indoors with the Propeller Guards attached.

Whilst we do not condone or recommend you crash test your drone with the Propeller Guards attached, we are confident that if you should make a slight control stick error and glance your drone into or off a wall, for example, you will not be picking up tiny pieces of propeller and paying for damage repairs on your client's property.

Another great addition to the Team DHC equipment inventory!

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