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Since the world's first Wind Turbine was built in 1941, things have come a long way.

The UK now makes use of thousands of wind turbines both on-shore and off-shore.

Typically standing at around 300ft tall, you can see why there are dangers, high costs and lots of legislation to take into account, when sending a human team to perform an inspection. Hire DHC to get this done quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Investing in a sustainable future is something that our Team at DHC care about.  Solar Farms and Commercial Solar Roof Panels need to be inspected at regular intervals to ensure the system continues to operate as it should for as long as possible.  You can hire DHC to do this for you at a reasonable price. 

Tracking the progress of your construction projects?

Hire a Professional Qualified Drone Pilot from DHC to provide periodical 4K footage and high resolution images, to provide a portfolio of progress media upon completion of the project.

Our team always love to see the finished project in all its glory. Aerial Photography and Videography is a great way to illustrate this.

Want to protect your Assets?

Here at DHC, we understand the costs and physical difficulties presented during a roof inspection on any property. DHC will save you money and get the job done quicker, so you can afford to periodically check for damage and avoid large repair costs by getting the problem sorted before its too late!

Here at DHC, we provide Experienced, CAA Approved, Fully Insured Drone Pilots to assist with Film Making, Real Estate Advertisement, Commercial Aerial Surveillance and Aerial Surveys for the Agricultural & Construction Industry.

We cover live events in the UK such as Live Sports, Live Music, Conferences, Expo's and other Marketing Events to get your business noticed, from a completely different perspective on the world below, through the eye of the Drone Camera!

Our PFCO Licence also includes Permission for Night Operations.  Our pilots have been trained and are now qualified to legally fly at night!  This allows us to film day or night, dependant on your requirements. Call now to discuss some options with us so that we can turn your ideas into reality!

Here at DHC, we realise how an eye in the sky can benefit Search and Rescue Operations. We're keen to help where we can on Search and Rescue Ops in and around Staffordshire so please get in touch if you require our services.